10 Pivotal Moments in the History of the Selfie

Unidentified woman taking a mirror selfie circa 1900 - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

1. In 1433 Jan Van Eyck Paints a Self-Portrait

Portrait of a Man in a Red Turban - Credit: Wikipedia

2. In 1839 Robert Cornelius Takes the First Selfie

Robert Cornelius - Credit: Wikipedia

3. The First Revolving Selfie — 1865

Gaspard-Felix Tournachon - Credit: Wikipedia

4. The Kodak Brownie Camera — 1900

Kodak Brownie - Credit: Wikipedia

5. In 1914 — The First Famous Mirror Selfie

Anastasia Nikolaevna - Credit: The Atlantic

6. In 1966 Buzz Aldrin Takes the First Selfie in Outer Space

Buzz Aldrin - Credit: Wikipedia

7. The Word ‘Selfie’ Appears Online in 2002

Message Board Credit: ABC.net

8. In 2003 — Front-facing Phone Cameras

Photo by lifesimply.rocks on Unsplash

9. In 2011 the First Selfie Hashtag (#selfie) Appears on Instagram

10. Selfie Enters the Official Lexicon — 2013

Photo by Ben Weber on Unsplash



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